Open MRI utilizes a completely safe magnetic field and sophisticated computers to produce exceptional quality images of any body part in any desired direction. The result is an unsurpassed diagnostic picture of the area your doctor needs to see.

There is no radiation, no pain and no known side effects.


An open MRI is a technology that allows the patient to sit or lie between the magnets that perform the resonance imaging, but without having to be encased in a tube. The magnets themselves can be moved to be properly positioned where the patient needs them, so the patient is only surrounded by the machine exactly where they are being scanned. So for an abdominal scan, the head, chest and feet would be ‘open’ and not encased in a tube or in the machine.

The advantage of this is that patients feel less claustrophobic, are able to be ‘inside’ the machine for longer, and this reduces the overall time needed to perform the MRI and also produces better compliance with the patient being still during imaging.

With the open MRI, patients can be placed in multiple positions as well, to get the best image possible, while in a traditional MRI, patients are left mostly to lie flat on their backs and not move.

Preparing for Your Visit

A thorough evaluation is important to determine
your medical history before your procedure.

Following are some of the questions you will be asked when you call to schedule your appointment:

Q. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding?

Q. Do you have an IUD in place?

Q. Have you ever had any medical devices such as…
Heart pacemaker, pacer wire or a defibrillator? Artificial heart valve? Metal clip placed for an aneurysm? Neurostimulator? Metal implants or other surgical clips? Hearing Aid? Eye or Middle prosthesis?

Q. Have you ever had any operations on your head and neck?

Q. Have you ever had surgery on your spine?

Q. Have you had any surgery in the past 8 weeks?

Q. Have you had a metallic foreign object in your eye(s) or metal removed from your eye by a doctor?

Q. Do you have any shrapnel or metal in your body?

Q. Do you have any known allergies to drugs? (please have list ready)

Q. Do you have any known history of kidney or renal disease?

Q. Do you wear a transdermal patch?

Q. Do you have any personal history of cancer?

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